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Procedural environmental rights: Principle X of the Rio Declaration in theory and practice

14-16 September 2016, Wrocław, Poland

EELF 2016 Wroclaw

The program and more information is available on the conference website...


Sustainable Management of Natural Resources - Legal Instruments and Approaches
30/8-1/9/2017, University of Copenhagen

The conference will be organzied as a joint effort of the European Environmental Law Forum (EELF), the Nordic Environmental Law, Governance & Science Network (NELN+), the University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Science) and Aarhus University (School of Law)

The call will be published in Novembertl_files/uploads/Pics/EELF Copenhagen.jpgphotography courtesy of Nicolai Perjesi


tl_files/uploads/Pics/image.jpgSustainable Energy United in Diversity: Challenges and Approaches in Energy Transition in the EU
Edited by L. Squintani and H.H.B. Vedder with M. Reese and B. Vanheusden.
Download the first volume of our open source, peer-reviewed publication series here... 

EU Commission & Academia

An EELF workshop "Commission meets Academia" has taken place on 17 June 2016 in Brussels. The organizers wish to thank all participants for making this workshop such a fruitful experience. The program is still available here. Written contributions will be published with the Journal for European Enviornmental and Planning Law

EELF 2015

Video | 2015 EELF Conference

The 2015 EELF Conference, hosted by Centre d'Edtudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires (CERIC) in Aix-en-Provence, provided a fruitful platform for scholars, practitioners and decision makers to discuss the effectiveness of environmental law.
Watch the Conference video now...


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